Marc Pickardt – Professional Soccer Coach in New Jersey

football academyINTRODUCTION: I always believed in myself and soccer. My whole life is turned on the soccer. In some countries they say it football. But here in New Jersey we say it soccer. It is been amazing isn’t it? How we get attach with this small things in this world and we start admiring them from our core of our heart, it is been quite a similar story for me when I start playing soccer.

I was a kid when I start playing the game. And after making more advancement I make progress in to the state level. My coaches were pretty much interested in my game. I was 13 when I got my first shoes. I start playing seriously from that day. At the age of 14 I went to state level juniors’ football academy. Sooner I was selected for under 17 and then under 19 and later for the national team.


When left football I thought about my career finishing into ashes but I was wrong. My love of life would never let me go. I decided to teach it. I started coaching a small club in English premier league. Few years’ time I was asked to coach the Leicester city. I coached then for five years and the club became the most successful in its history came back to jersey and signed hear for a league division club. Soccer in this part of the world is bit too harsh on us. I was coaching for past seven years for the 2nd division league teams when I got a call from first league club Atlanta. Things really started to change and my visions changed the way they used to be.


You know as a coach which one is the best part. You know the secret of every each player in your team and the opponent’s team. It’s like playing chase. Right move at right place. And I have been done this for whole my life.

Since I signed as a coach of Atlanta is been most successful club of us and also been the history. But besides that I have faced the downfall too. I still remember that match when we lost the match against coast city and we need to win the home match against them. I knew it going to be tough and I was prepared for it. I will definitely tell you one thing that when I used to play I always have this thing to become the best and I still have it as a coach. I teach every player of Atlanta to be the best player they ever can be. To have faith and trust is them that are all I have been asked for.

I take or consider life as a span of period where we live, laugh and do stuffs which we intend to be so if I get the opportunity to do what I am best at it I will always do that.